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The Homeless Woman made her annual appearance.


She’s in every season.

She always shows up in the weirdest times.

Season 1: first she ran into Gemma when Gemma was all stressed out about Abel and club stuff.

Jax saw her at the cemetery during Donna’s funeral.She lent him a blanket.

Then in season 2, she led Gemma into the church after she was raped and was all emotionally distraught.

Then she was in IRELAND when the club was.

Then, right before Tara was taken tonight, Jax ran into her at the park near Oregon.

Either she is a very mobile homeless person, or that’s supposed to be the Tellers’ guardian angel. And that’s just awesome.  They sure as hell need one.

The only words I’ve ever heard her speak have been super weird as well

I can’t remember the exact quote, but in “Sleep of Babies” she said something to Gemma kind of passing, but it had a double meaning to a lot of fans. “Able to help my sons” many people took to mean that Abel would help THE sons.

And then when Gemma ran into the church she says “Don’t I know you?” and the girl goes “Everyone knows me.”

And when someone asked Sutter he said “She is what she is and she represents what she represents and that’s all I’ll say.” Sounds like she’s something religious.

And every single time Jax sees her, he smiles at her like he knows her. Jax doesn’t smile at anyone like that except for his boys and Tara. I think Jax has been seeing her for a long time.

I believe she is a guardian angel, and she shows up just when they need her the most.

Kurt Sutter has been mentioning her showing up and now she did ladies and gents. What did you think of her appearance in the recent episode of “Hands”? She made it all the way to Elk Grove.

—-Miss Marguerite

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    My mom and I have been trying to figure out her significance. I’m just glad Dorthy Jane Torkleson is still on my screen.
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    But, other people besides the tellers have to see her. Abel’s foster parents gave her money…
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    yesss. finally a post about this.
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  15. neenj61 said: It’ll mean something I’m sure..maybe we all have Angels watching over us.
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    Kurt Sutter has been mentioning her showing...gents. What did you think of
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    Either she is a very mobile homeless person. Ahahahaha , that cracked me up. But yeah you make a good point, I too think...